Lighthouse Construction
Owner Saves Thousands...with Lighthouse Construction

With the Lighthouse Construction Building Program you too can SAVE
thousands of dollars by being your own general contractor on interior

Lighthouse Construction is the most "hands on" owner-involved
building company in the industry. You get the selection, quality and
service you deserve while saving thousands of dollars.


Lighthouse Construction will...

Excavate and install the foundation
Frame the home
Install the siding, roofing, windows, exterior doors (including
Install a special high energy insulation system (R21 wall, R52
ceiling with many extras)
Provide a luxurious interior trim package
Assist you in selecting / dealing with subcontractors AND
workmanship with our unique consumer advocacy program
You...Become the general contractor and work with
subcontractors to custom finish your home, or choose to do the
remaining work yourself

Save THOUSANDS by cutting out the middle man.

High Quality & Engineering
Brand New, Custom Built Home
Not Pre-Fab or Manufactured
Energy Efficiency (Meets and exceeds Energy star Home rating

Our ULTIMATE ECR program will save you even more!

Unique Financing
As little as 0% down
Low interest 12 month construction loans (for house & land)
Cost Effective
Save up to 20% (or more) Instant Equity

Let LIGHTHOUSE CONSTRUCTION take the worry out of Home Building, call Curt today at 269-998-2582!
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Lighthouse Construction
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